Vision Scaffolding Solutions Acquires New Premises

A New Southampton Home for Vision Scaffolding

Southampton-based Vision Scaffolding Solutions has recently up-scaled its operation and acquired new premises at Muira Industrial Estate.

Vision Scaffolding Solutions has undergone significant expansion in its first three years. Founded by Adam Gage, Ricky Hobbs and Shaun Hughes in 2012, the company now employs 20 staff and is proactively recruiting quality scaffolders for its team.

The company has taken on work with large commercial and civil construction firms such as Orchard Homes and D Adams Roofing. Ricky Hobbs, Managing Director of Vision Scaffolding Solutions explains: “The new space is badly needed to accommodate higher stock levels – the large commercial contracts we have secured take up a lot of resources – we expect the site to accommodate our growth for the foreseeable future.”

The firm plans to continue developments to the site, outfitting one of the units with two more offices and a training room. Hobbs continues, “The sustained growth of the company over the past three years will continue as our loyal customers also predict strong performance until 2020.”

The company is actively seeking to employ more experienced scaffolders in the coming months.

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London Clancy’s Southampton office sold the industrial complex to Vision Scaffolding Solutions on behalf of private investors and David Heda Head of Agency commented “The waterside and wharf areas in Southampton are undergoing redevelopment and there will be many improvements in the coming years, so this is a really exciting location for Vision Scaffolding Solutions,”.

New Premises For Vision Scaffolding

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